Need a web video feature or series for your magazine's website or social media? A book trailer for your newest work? A promotional video to showcase your business? A sales video featuring your horse? You have a story to tell, and we can help you tell it.

Here are a few video samples, including an excerpt from "Night Watch," which won the national Eclipse Award in the audio/multimedia category in 2012, and "Inside Yearling Sales Prep," a four-part series commissioned by The Blood-Horse in 2014. The complete Blood-Horse series also can be viewed at this link.

A trailer for a video series that introduced three unusual--and important--jobs associated with the Sport of Kings: the starters who actually spring the gate open for a race, the exercise riders who gallop the horses in their morning workouts, and the librarians who are preserving the sport's history at the Keeneland Library in Kentucky and the National Sporting Library in Virginia.

The first episode from the “Field Notes” series is about the people who start horse races and the starting gate crews who work with them to ensure every race gets a fair start. These people don't just press the button that starts a horse race. The folks on the starting gate also help train young horses, and they make up a close-knit team in one of the most unusual—and potentially dangerous—jobs in sports.

A 2016 ad for Shapley's, which has played at such venues as the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, and nationally on USEF Network.

Client: Retired Racehorse Project, Thoroughbred Makeover 2016 wrap-up/promo video. This $100,000 training event and the RRP's vigorous promotion of the Thoroughbred's athleticism and versatility have turbo-charged the market for ex-racehorses retiring from the track and looking for new careers, significantly raising their value. Learn more at

Wrap-up video from the $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover in October 2015, hosted by the Retired Racehorse Project and featuring the America's Most Wanted Thoroughbred contest, after its debut at the Kentucky Horse Park in Kentucky.

An overview of the Retired Racehorse Project's 2014 Thoroughbred Makeover & National Symposium, which took place at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland, and showcases the varied second careers at which former racehorses can succeed.

The 2014 Thoroughbred Marketplace brought Thoroughbred sellers and adoption agencies together with buyers and adopters at the 2014 Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover at Pimlico Race Course.

This video was one of four commissioned by The Blood-Horse ( to explore how Taylor Made Sales, a major Thoroughbred farm, prepares yearlings for auction. This segment offers a few cues that can make for a smoother presentation of the yearling to prospective buyers at the farm or on the sale grounds. ADM Alliance Nutrition sponsored the four-part series.

Another in the four-part series for The Blood-Horse's yearling sales prep series from Taylor Made Sales.. This segment considers the roles that equine swimming, automatic walkers, pasture turnout, and handwalking all can play in building fitness. Sponsored by ADM Alliance Nutrition.

This is from a sponsored multi-part series for The Blood-Horse ( detailing how a top commercial Thoroughbred farm in Lexington, Kentucky, prepares yearlings for sale at the season's most prestigious (and lucrative) public auctions. This segment examines the Taylor Made Sales yearling nutrition program.

Another segment, this one dealing with hoof care, from the sponsored multi-part series appearing on The Blood-Horse website, This series details how a major Kentucky Thoroughbred farm, Taylor Made Sales, prepares yearlings for the season's most lucrative horse sales.

The 2014 Thoroughbreds For All Kentucky event, jointly hosted by New Vocations and the Retired Racehorse Project, showcases ex-racehorses in new careers and offers educational demos for their owners and those interested in owning off-the-track Thoroughbreds. We videoed this great one-night event this year on the weekend of the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in Lexington, Kentucky. This video is the overview of the night's demos and the event itself. In addition to producing this summary video covering the event's mission and some of its highlights, we also produced videos covering each training and riding demonstration in full. These are available on YouTube.

This video about 2011 Kentucky Oaks heroine Plum Pretty is one of a group of videos commissioned by The Blood-Horse magazine and website for its "Stars of the Oaks" series catching up with some great racemares after their retirement from the track. The series, available on YouTube, also featured videos we taped and produced about famed runners Rachel Alexandra, Silverbulletday, Blind Luck, and Ashado. Taping of Plum Pretty (and her famous pasture-mate Havre de Grace) took place at Timber Town Stable, one of the Bluegrass area's charming farms.

The assignment to produce a video about the great racehorse Rachel Alexandra took me to elegant Stonestreet Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, to meet a real equine celebrity. This video was one of five that The Blood-Horse commissioned for their "Stars of the Oaks" series, which looked at the current lives of some beloved past winners of the Kentucky Oaks. For that series, I also produced videos about Plum Pretty (above), Silverbulletday, Ashado, and Blind Luck. The complete series is available on The Blood-Horse's YouTube channel.

The Retired Racehorse Project asked us to produce a series of videos in 2013 at their Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium at Pimlico Race Course near Baltimore, Maryland. The RRP is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to increase demand for Thoroughbred racehorses once their racing careers are over--a cause that's near and dear to our hearts!

This video report from the 2013 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium at Pimlico highlights the event's purpose to educate trainers, riders, and the public about ex-racehorses' ability to excel in new careers once they are done racing. The Retired Racehorse Project commissioned this piece and uses this video to detail the event for potential attendees, participants, and sponsors.

Puppies always make great subjects! This project, produced for the 501(c)(3) Hound Welfare Fund in Kentucky, was a 2014 Valentine's card for the organization's supporters and volunteers. THe HWF cares for retired working pack hounds from the Iroquois Hunt.

Next, a video from a visit to England's Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show, the most prestigious hound show in the world. This video appeared on Full Cry: A Hound Blog in 2011.  

"Night Watch," an Eclipse Award-winning video about the waiting and worry breeders endure when a broodmare about to give birth, was excerpted on's "The Two-Way" blog on February 27, 2012.