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"The American Horse Publications Overall Publication winner for 2018 is US Equestrian magazine. It is the official magazine of the United States Equestrian Federation. The editorial content is true to the theme of this publication from cover to cover, with enlightening, educational, and personal stories that speak to the interests of the Federation’s membership. The publication in its entirety is a bold, and at times an understated promotion of the Federation itself and that organization’s aim to endorse and advocate for horse sports. It is made clear in word and visual form throughout this magazine that the Federation’s backing and guidance aid veteran equestrians, pleasure riders, competitors, trainers, or newcomers in experiencing the joy of their endeavors, unfettered. The artistic design of US Equestrian magazine is skillfully professional, not to mention pleasantly reader-friendly. … US Equestrian is a testimony to its proud mission statement and a true winner.”

Judges’ remarks, American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Glenye Cain Oakford. We had a short deadline to put subtitles on Glenye’s wonderful film “I Love My Racehorse” which showcases the first Thoroughbred Makeover staged at Pimlico Racecourse. Firstly Glenye was reactive, professional and able to deliver the film on a tight deadline, during a holiday period. Secondly the film itself is a wonderfully inspiring piece that truly won over, our eventual audience about the adaptability and intelligence of the thoroughbred. This film touches all audiences from different cultures and even languages, as Glenye tells the story succinctly and emotionally. I do hope I have the opportunity to work with Glenye again in the near future and I whole heartedly recommend working with her company to produce films with a meaningful message that truly touch their viewers."

Nemone Routh, racing office manager, H. H. the Aga Khans Studs, France

"Before discovering Glenye Oakford I attempted to produce good video coverage of Retired Racehorse Project events for two years with both amateur and professional help. I was never happy with the result. We hired Glenye to cover both the Thoroughbred Makeover at Pimlico and Thoroughbreds For All Kentucky and it's hard to know where to start with the praise. 

"She is a delight to work with, the video and sound quality are excellent, and most importantly she knows how to tell a story. Her background as a reporter and author shine through in her editing, but so does her attitude: upbeat, confident, professional, and pleasant. She has neither the high pricing nor the arrogance of most video production companies, and she gets her editing done faster than anybody I have known. To meet the varied needs of our audience Glenye has now produced a total of 14 separate clips that we have on our You Tube Channel. If you have three minutes and thirty-three seconds to spare, watch I Love My Racehorse, linked here. We show it to anyone and everyone who wants to understand what we do with a guarantee that it will make them smile. Thanks, Glenye!"

Steuart Pittman, RRP president and Dodon Farm owner (Maryland)

Praise for Home Run Horse

"Cain reaches the winner's circle with this thorough, enthralling study of the Thoroughbred horse-racing industry, which, over the past century, has gone from gentleman's hobby to billion-dollar business. ... Cain's captivating book brims with history, drama and characters; readers will be sucked in long before crossing the finish line." --Publishers Weekly

 "As a writer for the Daily Racing Form, Glenye Cain has learned the business of racing, and she writes about it with enthusiasm and wit." --Bill Littlefield,

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